More was founded in 2008 by Gavin and Carol. We have always had a passion for chillies and cooking, and after much experimentation and having many friends over as guinea pigs, we finally found THE ONE!!!!!!

That is how our famous BILTONG RELISH came to be.

We are now, after many more experiments and many nights of tasting, and dinners for various friends who have participated in the final verdict (and had their socks blown off on more than one occasion), making preserved and fresh sauces using good quality ingredients, which have been vetted by people from all walks of life. We use no preservatives or artificial flavours at all and our sauces will enhance many different dishes and culinary delights. We currently market our products at local food markets in Cape Town.

Our original Biltong Relish, a combination of biltong, chilli and ginger, is still our number 1 seller, but we have added a multitude of new products which now comprise the 'MORE' range.